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Families that prefer a “do-it-yourself” approach to hiring a nanny may still want to consider relying on the resources and expertise that our agency can provide for candidate screening or Work Agreement consulting. All of the following services are included in our placement packages but they may also be purchased a la carte for families who have found a nanny on their own.

  • Purchase 3 or more of the services below and receive 10% off all selected services.
  • Purchase 5 or more of the services below and receive 15% off all selected services.
  • Purchase 8 or more of the services below and receive 20% off all selected services. 

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Extensive Agency Interview

With candidate- at TC offices or Skype, approx. one hour; includes phone consultation with parents to discuss interview question responses/analysis. ($125)

Background Investigation + Report

Conducted by a licensed private investigator, results emailed. ($75)

8-Panel Drug/TB Test

Urine sample collection. ($55)

Reference Checks

Our extensive reference calls–20+ questions, are conducted by an agency representative over the phone and information is gathered on a candidate from families they have worked for in the past. Calls are rated exceptional, good, average or poor and analyzed for inconsistencies. ($100)

Integrity Assessment + Report

Tests a candidates’ propensity towards anger/violence, theft/dishonesty, absenteeism, drug/alcohol use, etc. plus includes recommended, targeted interview questions, results emailed. ($50)

Personality Assessment + Report

Produces an analysis of candidates’ general personality traits including compassion, patience, organization, tolerance, self-esteem, etc.; results emailed. ($40)


Sex Abuse Awareness Training

We believe that anyone working with children should be able to recognize the signs of sexual abuse and ways to prevent exposure to predators. ($20)


Core Care Competencies Exam

Tests a candidates’ knowledge of nanny-related child care skills, child development, etc. ($20)


Document Verification/Resume Check

Driver’s license, car registration and insurance, work eligibility status, CPR/1st Aid certification, education/certification verification, resume review. ($25)


Family/Nanny Work Agreement Consulting

An experienced agency representative will help you and your nanny draft a Family/Nanny Work Agreement which will provide you and your nanny with a contract that lays the foundation for a successful relationship. We will then present your offer to the nanny you have hired on your behalf. This is the best way to protect your investment! ($175)


We connect DFW families with professional and experienced nannies, babysitters, housekeepers and personal assistants.

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