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“We are so impressed with the level of professionalism, customer service, vision, attention to detail, and pursuit of the highest standards of excellence demonstrated by your agency. Perhaps what we love the most is that fact that you are committed to setting very high standards for the local nanny industry, attracting and developing the best nanny candidates, addressing the huge and previously unmet demand for access to quality caregivers, and improving the system in the process. Now that we’ve found you, we really could not imagine turning anywhere else to seek out the very best caregivers for our boys. Thank you so much for all that you do for our family and our community!”


Anonymous Survey, Trusting Connections Client




“I am thoroughly impressed with the attentive and professional service that we have received from Trusting Connections. Rosalind went out of her way one weekend to make sure that we were able to get last minute care & that we were also able to get last minute care for our out of town friends – this was above & beyond & just an example of the great service that we have received. It is comforting to us to know that when we need childcare,we can count on Trusting Connections!”


–  Anonymous Survey, Trusting Connections Client




“My family and I were absolutely delighted with the nannies who helped us while our grandchildren were visiting us in Tucson for two weeks. We are snowbirds and had no way of finding responsible, trustworthy help with our infant and toddler grandchildren. The nannies sent to us by Trusting Connections were excellent on multiple levels. They clearly had the important skills required to care for young children.  In addition, they were warm and caring and an absolute pleasure to have in our home. We cannot say enough about the professionalism of Trusting Connections and their commitment to meet our specific needs.”


S.S., Trusting Connections Client




“We have had a wonderful experience with Trusting Connections. Rosalind and Caroline really took time to listen to us and find out what we were looking for in a nanny. Every candidate that they had suggested was so amazing that we had a hard time deciding. The nanny that we hired through Trusting Connections was the perfect fit for our family. We have utilized the flex candidates for baby sitting and have found them to be trustworthy and reliable. We had used other nanny agencies in Tucson and did not find the quality of nannies to be remotely close to what Trusting Connections provided us. Using Trusting Connections was the best decision we could have made for our family.”


A.R., Trusting Connections Client




“Thank you so much…I can’t even believe the day we have had today because of you and your service. I think [my husband] and I both had our lowest points as parents this morning and you saved us at a time when we needed it the most and had zero expectancy that it would happen!”


S.Z., Trusting Connections Client




“Trusting Connections has been such a life-saver for our family since the birth of our fourth child. If you are looking for qualified, intelligent caregivers for your children I recommend you give Trusting Connections a call. This is a wonderful agency run by two amazing women!”


S.H., Trusting Connections Client

“The cruise was wonderful!  It would not have been nearly as enjoyable without [your] services.  We called one time for about five minutes and [the nanny] had everything under control.  This was the first time since we got married 13 years ago that we DIDN’T have to worry about the kids.  It was good for them, and it was good for us.  [The nanny] was exceptional.”


C.E., Trusting Connections Client




“In [my husband and I’s] spare time we love competing in Triathlons….but the problem used to be daycare, since we don’t have any family close by. We have used Trusting Connections for the past year. I could be described as an overprotective mom. It was very important to me and my husband that the nannies are caring, loving and giving. The owners are two great people! The nannies they have sent reflect our wishes. They have become part our family, and we could not imagine being without them.”


K.J. and Family, Trusting Connections Client




“I have always been very happy with the nannies Trusting Connections has scheduled for our family while in the flex division.  My husband and I originally signed up for their flex division services to care for our newborn and 3 year old after I returned to work.  The nannies were all cheerful, sweet, nurturing, trustworthy and competent.  Currently, we hired a nanny using their placement division and she is absolutely wonderful, my 3 year old loves her so much that he prays for her each night!”

T.S., Trusting Connections Client

“…She immediately felt like part of our family and we all adore her…”

“We are so pleased we found you…A friend of mine saw your spread in one of the local magazines and commented on how professional your company seemed. I let her know the look and the experience were one in the same. So thank you! Obviously you are only as good as the nannies you select and match with a family. H. has been an amazing match for us….[she] has painted with [our son], been in major Lego battles, and taken him swimming where [our son] named the pool thermometer “Freddy” and pretended he was a 100-year-old sea creature. She has more than “babysat” him, she has helped unleash his creativity. She is a true gem and we so appreciate you matching her with us.”


M.W., Trusting Connections Client




“We have been truly impressed by the care from each and every nanny that watched our boys. You guys are a class act!”


A.P., Trusting Connections Client




“[The Nanny] was absolutely AMAZING! She was so upbeat and energetic. She used crafts the girls had already done on our walls as inspiration for another project that she thought up off the cuff (hand print globe paintings). She was so observant of Joey, my little climber. She also knew just how to distract and redirect the girls when they were picking on each other. We can’t say enough good things about her and would love to see her again, too. She even asked if there was anything extra she could do to help me out. Most temp nannies never offer this because they may never see us again. Briana went above and beyond in so many ways and I truly appreciated it. You have a great staff in your flex division right now. Congratulations on finding such an excellent team – no easy feat!”


A.C., Trusting Connections Client




“This was the best week going back to work, mainly because of your nannies. I didn’t worry at all. They were friendly, engaged, timely and over the top with everything they did throughout the day. I am so impressed with your service and so thankful I found you all! It brings tears to my eyes to know I can count on and trust whomever you send to our door.”


G.H., Trusting Connections Client

“I have to tell you that [the nanny] was AWESOME! I can’t believe everything she got done. Dinner, homework, baths, the house was picked up, all the dishes were done and the dishwasher was running. Even the kids laundry was in the hamper. I never would have expected all that to be done in that amount of time. Most importantly the kids really liked her and they want her to come back.”


L.C., Trusting Connections Client




“The Trusting Connections team is professional, caring and provides peace of mind when I have last minute work requirements.”


Monica P., Trusting Connections Client



“I had prior experience hiring a nanny on my own, so I understand how challenging it can be to find the right fit for your family.  However, Trusting Connections made the process quite easy for me.  They provided me with excellent candidates that matched my needs, arranged interviews, and then talked with me through the process of determining who would best fit my family’s needs.  They helped me arrange for a trial period, which really made the decision easy for me once I was able to see the nanny candidate in action.  The nanny we hired has been the greatest blessing for our family.  She is great with our children, but what I have been most impressed with is her ability to support me and my husband.  She looks for ways to make our life easier, allowing us to come home from work and just enjoy spending time for our kids because she has handled the rest.  We are very fortunate to have her with us.  I would highly recommend the Trusting Connections team to anyone who is looking for childcare in their home and wants someone to guide them through the process from start to finish.  The personal conversations with Rosalind and Caroline about our family’s needs, personality, and goals were then followed up with discussions about how various nanny candidates would fit into our family, and in the end, we were clearly very happy with how it all worked out.”


C.B. and Family, Trusting Connections Client


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